What is retinol?

Some of the most commonly used antioxidants come from the group of vitamins. One of the most important vitamins in dermatocosmetics is the vitamin A, also called retinol, which was isolated from fish liver oil more than 100 years ago. Currently, retinol represents one of the most commonly used substances in anti-aging preparations.


After treating patients with acne with retinoids many years ago, the clinical side effect was a reduction in skin lines, which subsequently led to the increased use of vitamin A derivatives as anti-aging substances.

How does it work?

The positive effects on the collagen metabolism are scientifically well-documented. Studies on the topical application show that retinol as well as retinoic acid (vitamin A acid) can induce collagen synthesis. However, although this substance group is one of the longest used and best-studied anti-aging agents in dermatocosmetics, its precise mechanism of action has not been fully elucidated yet.

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