Medical podcasts – education “to go”

Medical podcasts – education “to go”

Condensed knowledge

The most important dermatological diseases
Quick introduction, understandable pathogenesis
Clear clinical presentation and concise therapy recommendations

Effective use of your time

Whether on the road or at home
Always have your dermatological knowledge at hand
Available via Spotify and iTunes

Sustainable learning success

We create memorable images in your mind’s eye
Regular short summaries
Bolster your knowledge with quick repetitions

Available on Spotify and iTunes

Podcast content

Basic dermatology for everyday medical practice.

We start off in the histology department, discuss infectious diseases,  and continue on through skin tumors and autoimmune diseases. In between, we discuss further exciting skin phenomena and ailments: alopecia, mycoses, angioedema, pregnancy specific dermatoses… and much much more!

For dermatologists, internists, general practitioners, gynecologists, pediatricians….
as well as students and anyone interested in medicine!